9 to 14yrs

The ECB began Dynamos cricket for the 9 to 14 age group and details can be found here

Up here in the Highlands, most clubs do not deliver the Dynamos programme. Instead they run their own, in house, programmes. The content and number of sessions varies from club to club along with any course fees payable.

If you have a child aged 9 to 14, the best, initial, course of action is to talk to a club member.

At his time (Summer 2021) two HCDG clubs have training sessions for 9 to 14 yr olds.

Northern Counties Cricket Club

Ross County Cricket Club

Elgin Cricket Club who come within the Moray Cricket Association (MCA) also have a thriving junior section and we hope that there will be games played between the HCDG and MCA juniors in seasons to come.

87 runs each! – Post match photo of Elgin and Northern Counties junior teams – Summer 2021